a twist on the number game

send me a number between 1-1000 and my muse will say how they feel about your muse

without anyone knowing who you are

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It’s a t́͐̒̋̋ȍ͎͒ͯu̔͆ģ͎̫̦͛͗̑͊̐h̠̦̪̮̙̦͈ world out there
                                                          without ρєσρℓє you can 
                                                                                                                 T R U S T

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» independent Luke; the walking dead game season 2 centric roleplay/ask blog 
» seven years of roleplay experience (four years on tumblr, three outside) 
» mun is a friendly, outgoing person, always welcoming anyone 
» mainly uses icons and gif icons 
» this blog will contain NSFW (e.g violence; gore; horror; any trigger warnings and some sexual content — which will be tagged accordingly!) 
» willing to roleplay with anyone; even outside the twdg fandom 
» ranges of script to novella 
» multiverse
» askbox is always open to plotting 
» OC friendly 
» semi selective
» multi-shipping may be allowed; but relations must be developed

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Send “Don’t push me away, you need me.” for my character’s response.

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; burninxdaylight


      ❝ ——————… ❞

      [the disturbance takes away her words.
       lost; faded by the trauma. she should’ve
       guessed. when a guy says he’ll c h e c k
       up on someone — heartbreak would
       happened — yet she didn’t see it. stupid
       enough to trust him; stupid enough to end
       up in a r e l a t i o n s h i p in the beginning.
       tears swell in her irises; outlining her pupils;
       until her lip snarls and a violent shove sent
       to him before she could even c r a c k her tone.]

      ❝ Stay the f u c k away from me you—-… you fuckin’
          w a n k i n’ arsehole!

Send me ‘DRESS UP TIME!’ and I will draw my muse wearing your muse’s clothes!

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Title: Don't Forget
Artist: Demi Lovato
Played: 999 times

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“I’m okay. I’m fine. It’s all just in my mind.”
bring me the horizon.

      ❝ Mary…
                      it’s o k a y to not be okay sometimes… ❞

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“You’re scared, I can see you tremble.” ( couldn't decide so hAVE TWO )
bring me the horizon.

      ❝ …——-
                    At least being scared is human. ❞

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                        even when you    FALL APART

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xkindsoul ;  


My characters reaction to yours coursing their fingers through their hair.

[ It was still weird, still a feeling so unusual to her, not sure where to place. 
It wasn’t bad, feeling her soft fingers running through the short, black hair. 
She … kind of enjoyed it, but it felt odd nonetheless, too odd to have someone
touch you so gentle, with no harm intended afterwards. ] 

[ A short exchange of eye contact, before the older woman looked away again. ]

      ❝ —- That’s … new. ❞

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